SDAR Old Boys Association (Persatuan Bekas Pelajar-pelajar Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak Seremban/Tanjung Malim) or better known as SDARA was formed on April 16, 1977 and subsequently registered with the Registrar of Association in Dec 1978. SDARA has grown in membership through the years and there are approximately around 3,000 registered members at the moment.

All activities that concerning ex-student of SDAR prior to the establishment of SDARA were coordinated and organized by ad hoc committees formed for specific purpose and occasion. When these activities grew and got more organized the realization for organized association grew in stature. Thus, few former students began to look seriously at the formation of SDARA.

The main reason for the establishment of SDARA is the need to gather the former students and to create that sense of belonging to our alma mater. The true calling of our motto of ‘Once a SDARIAN Always a SDARIAN’ is already so strong that we have leverage on to benefit the members further. It was hoped with the establishment of SDARA more structured activities could be organized for the members as well as our beloved school.

The objectives of SDARA are:-

  • To improve communication and relationship among members in all activities
  • To improve members relationship with the school through various activities
  • To plan and work to improve the financial standing of SDARA so as to be benefited by the members
  • To organize activities that will benefit all the members


SDARA is administered by a working committee that is elected biennially. SDARA is lead by the Yang DiPertua with the help of seven sub-committees looking after specific portfolios.