Tanjung Malim

Tanjung Malim     Well, I was the last of Tg Malim batch. Let me tell you my story……   I couldn’t sleep the night before. I was thinking about the golf game and also thinking about who will I meet in TM? I was the few who arrived early in Bt. Beruntung Golf Club [...]

Showers Of Memory

Showers of Memory:   Part I   It was hot Saturday afternoon 17th April,1999 and also the First Muharam,1420. After registeration at the Dewan Ab.Rahman Talib at SDAR Tg Malim, a few of us went to room 5 Rumah Temenggong,our ‘hotel’ for the gathering. The room and the surrounding never changed and according to Sli [...]

Basketball 1976

Basketball 1976   The year was 1976 and I was in from three staying in C11. It ws another historical moment for SDAR. SDAR’s U18 Basketball team was in the final of the State Championship played at our neighbour Tengku Durah’s court. Our opponent was the ever forminable Chun Hwa. SDAR was practically empty – [...]